These letters and stories from participants are an integral part of our work at The Infinite You. We hope that you will find inspiration here to join us in our programs and in deepening your own personal growth and understanding.

I highly recommend Lorraine’s services. She works from her intuition, her heart and her invaluable life experiences. I have learned so much about myself through Lorraine and value her wisdom, knowledge and openness. I have moved through some big obstacles in my life thanks to her work!

– Michele Laurent

Lorraine has the ability to go directly to the issue. Her loving and compassionate heart allows a genuine “SOUL to SOUL” connection. Her keen ability as a facilitator and counsellor creates a trusting and loving relationship. As an intuitive she is able to guide the individual through their life issues without all the smoke and mirrors, and loving places them back onto their path… 

– Gwen S 

I was in a very dark place, despair really. It felt like something just to massive to overcome. It felt as though I were doomed, and that I might be better off dead. After just one clearing session with Lorraine, not only did I find hope for my future, but my present had become so much lighter. It wasn’t that I left her place just feeling like I had scaled up a portion of the cavern I was in. I left feeling like I had completely exited that hole, and had begun climbing a ladder to Joy. The pain in my heart was still there, but my perception of it was clear, my very experience of it was real and direct. It was and is Vulnerability, the gateway to compassion, for myself and for all. What I felt was Alive, and grateful to be!

I went on to take 10 sessions in total. The clearing I did with Lorraine set me on a new path, surpassing hope, through belief, and into creation. I began to live my life, rather than it killing me. I got busy, and have since been manifesting the life I want, including one fulfilled dream 🙂 And all the while, I do my best to Surrender to what is.

Lorraine brings her heart, mind, body and soul to her work. She is very much a professional, yet completely available as a fellow human being. She has a role as “clearer” to fill. And she does that. Do you understand what I mean? Who she is, the woman called Lorraine, and the Soul abiding in her, fills that role. Authenticity is It!

– Trevor Thibodeau

The experience of the Session Intensive that I had has stuck with me in profound ways. I am much more at peace with myself and feel that there was a great weight lifted from me. It was very helpful to deal with all of those people from my past and present, facing the issues even where I wasn’t aware what the issue was. I feel it has helped me tremendously with physical manifestations such as helping to lower my blood pressure.  I continue to struggle a bit with giving myself credit for being a good father/partner/etc., but definitely making progress. I have always found it easy to beat myself up and get “stuck”. This pattern is changing and I am more able to talk about these issues with my partner. Thank you.

– Jeff.M

Lorraine’s great sense of caring for others comes through quite clearly, while working with me during a session. Her passion for truth, coupled with her intuition, are unique gifts she uses in helping a person strive for their own truth. This in turn leads one to be liberated of past shackles that hold a person down.

Lorraine has a gift of gentleness, but when necessary knows when to be firm in her guidance through the rough times. This tends to help a person remain grounded and more focused on the process one goes through.

Lorraine knows how to really listen to a person, which lets me completely trust in her guidance, her insights, and find that my sessions have greater flow because of this. I am certainly looking forward to my next session already. Thank you Lorraine. 

– Barbara

I have known Lorraine for 8 years.  She has helped me work through issues that held me back in my personal and professional lives.  She possesses the insight to see my issues and the directness to get to the root of my problem.  She has provided me with skill to look at life situations differently and techniques to find inner strength, even when I feel that I have none left.  Lorraine’s sharing of her love and passion for life allows me to always leave renewed and refreshed! 

– Wendy Krenzel

First, let me say thank you, thank you and thank you.  When I am anywhere near meditation now, it seems to send into almost another dimension and I seem to lose all ability to communicate my appreciation in the moment.  You have supported me and held me together so many times when I am blowing apart and I want to let you know how much I truly appreciate you being part of the “clean up crew” or is it the  “save the pieces crew”?  Thank you so much. 

– S. P.
Lorraine, thank you, thank you, thank you!! For your help, and for being “mother” “midwife” and “saint”.  Your energy and commitment enabled me to infuse my life with a potency and texture I have always dreamed of….now I fully know.  Yes, I am still scared to open – but I do it anyway – and I do it with you in mind, knowing what is on the other side ~ the memory of your love blasts my heart and body wide open.  Thank you for being you. Thank you being there when I needed you.  You are a “gem!”  Lots of love. 

– S. A.D
I have had many teachers over the years that I admired, and some I would call Masters.  None of them have inspired me the way you have.  I am moved beyond words by your depth, your clarity, your compassion and most of all by your love.  You are a master in the truest sense of the word and I am honored to have been in your presence last weekend.  You have modeled for me the behaviour of someone who is an enlightened being and I thank you from the depths of my heart.  I consider myself a leader, not a follower, but you are someone I would very humbly follow, I feel I have much to learn from you, I love you and I aspire to be like you. The best part is, I believe that it is impossible to recognize a quality in another that is not in me, so in a way, you have shown me who I really am, I see it, I am working on accepting it, and I am willing to do whatever I have to do to actualize it.  As I type this, I have tears of joy running down my face, and I am in awe of both of us. With deep gratitude and respect.

– Lora T.

Lorraine has a huge capacity to receive others.  To listen , and guide, one through the process of revealing truth.   Clearing offers an opportunity to feel whatever is arising and to communicate that and to  be received by another, Lorraine creates a safe environment in which to do that.

– D.P

Lorraine Kettle is an Enlightenment Master with over 30 years experience in the personal development field. She has worked for and with Anjali Hill for the past 10 years and is well seasoned in Enlightenment Intensives having staffed over 70 during this time period. She has studied with both Anjali and Lawrence Noyes and feels this work in the cells of her being. Her care and focused attention comes directly from the hand of her teachers before her. 

Anjali Hill

Dear Lorraine,

Yesterday we got back in Holland after a vacation in Canada which we will cherish for always. Next to meeting up with our friends and spending a wonderful time in your country yet again, the sessions we have had with you made our trip all the more memorable.  We understood that you would like us to provide some sort of a testimonial regarding your counselling and obviously we are more than happy and honored to do so.

Through just two of your sessions you have made me aware of the most vital aspects in my relationship. These include the necessity of communicating in such a way that your partner really understands what you feel and want to get across, focus both on your partner and yourself at any point and don’t take anything for granted or assume your partner can feel and understand what you feel deep down inside and in every detail. Furthermore your approach has made me much more aware of who I really am, thus allowing me to express myself far more clearly and effectively than ever before.

Without any hesitation I do recommend your expertise and methods to anyone dealing with a dysfunctional relationship and as a stepping stone for enduring true love and understanding.

– Erik H. van der Graaf 

Dear Lorraine, Too bad we only had time for three sessions, but to me a wonderful and unforgettable experience that I wouldn’t have missed for this world.

Although I realize there’s still a long road ahead of me, I’m sure you gave me the right directions (tools) to get on the right track and find again what’s been lost for so long…THE REAL ME.

Hopefully Erik and I can find someone in The Netherlands who’s as passionate as yourself because I truly believe it’s the passion you have shown for your work that brought us closer to each other again.
Thanks again for the time you’ve taken to receive us during our short stay.
Hugs & kisses from a fun-loving/serious “Little Dutch Girl” 

– Norma F. Zorge

Truly Lorraine Kettle saved my life!

This is a strong statement and cliche at that, however this is indeed how my time spent with Lorraine felt 2 years ago. I found myself really stuck; struggling with loss of work, serious money issues, an important friendship and huge overwhelm raising two boys on my own. In hindsight it is easy (now) to see I was blooming; transforming as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly. “Just when the caterpillar thought that life was over, it became a butterfly” I felt totally hopeless, hurt (eviscerated actually) and completely exhausted.  Through a series of sessions with Lorraine, I expressed everything I had bit my tongue on.  My communication was received and I started to brighten.  We then delved into the beliefs that had directed the choices I had made and tweaked and released all that did not serve me.  My road to recovery was fully underway and has lead to great growth and more personal liberation than I have experienced for a very long time. Today, I see myself and others differently.  I am more able to have the “hard conversations” and do not avoid conflict as I once did.  My life now is directed by the desires of my heart, not by must haves and shoulds.  I am eternally grateful for Lorraine’s care, structured approach and her incredible ability to hold space for my healing. I am no stranger to personal growth work (over 15 years in the industry) and I, without hesitation recommend Lorraine Kettle to anyone that has hit a roadblock and seeks more fulfillment, joy, beauty and authenticity in their life.  

– Sherry Heyliger


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