ALL SESSIONS ARE 1 ½ HOURS (90 minutes)


Lifeworks Session – This is a single session.  Price is $125.00

A single session is recommended as a way to introduce ourselves and to determine if we have a fit.  You are introduced to the type of work that we will do and will begin to understand what you think you want to work on in your life.  At the end of the session we will determine if we want to work together.

A single session can often be used with experienced clients who need to get clarity on a specific situation or issue.  We rely upon our understanding of each other from our past work to move rapidly into what you need, (or think you need) to address.

Lifework Intensive – This is 5 sessions in 3 days.  Price is $500.00

The Intensive is where we dig into you and your issues.  What you get out of the Intensive is unique to each individual.  Clients are often able to see the stories and beliefs that run their lives.  With clarity comes the power to make changes, or accept what is.  Generally clients leave with a better understanding of what they need to do to improve their lives.  Then it is up to the client to make the changes.

Doing the Work – This is 4 sessions per month for 3 consecutive months.  Price is $375.00/month.

This program is designed to help you work through the issues you have identified from the Breakthrough Intensive.  Experience shows that clients typically leave a Session or an Intensive with some real wins and good intentions but, unfortunately, life gets in the way and the subsequent individual work that is necessary either never gets started or stops.  Often times what a person needs to face is daunting to them and they just are not able to make further progress.  Doing the Work is 3 sessions in one week followed by the 4th session 2 weeks later.  It is meant to take your good intentions into a practice of doing your work.

Keeping on Track – This is 1 session per month for 6 consecutive months.  Price is $500.00 paid in advance.

This program is designed for experienced clients who need assistance integrating their personal growth practice into their life-style.  It helps the client maintain their awareness of what they are experiencing in life and what they need to do to enjoy and resolve those experiences.  It can be offered to clients who have already improved their lives through working with Lorraine.

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