Karma Clearing

Karma Clearing Days

Is life something that just happens to you?

Do you often feel guilt, shame or victimized?

Do you feel that you are encountering the same things over and over again in your life?

Do you seem to attract the same types of people, events and situations into your experience?

Do you feel like you overact to some situations and don’t understand why?

Do you feel stuck in the same patterns in life?

Are you constantly pulled into unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviors due to these old patterns?

Karma is simply the process of cause and effect.  Karma influences our current life in two ways. First we carry Karma as part of our life conditions, though not all of our conditions are karmic in origin. Karma is part of our conditions that represents unfinished business and other residues from the past. Second, we create future karma continually with every thought and action.

The first step in dealing with existing karma is awareness and acknowledgement of it.

Karma is a mindset, a system of core beliefs that have been put into place by the experiences, thoughts, beliefs and actions of many lifetimes. If you have a mindset, core belief or karma that is not serving you, you can transcend it through understanding. Karma is often thought of as ‘an eye for an eye’.  This is not exactly accurate.  This is not a system of punishment; it is the law of attraction combining perfectly with the law of cause and effect.Through awareness you can make conscious choice to change your behaviors, thoughts and beliefs.  Using Karma Clearing techniques, you are given another chance… allowing yourself to let go of guilt, shame, fear and self-judgement.

Each one of us has some issues regarding money, sex, relationships, self –esteem, health etc. whether they be good or bad.

Using the ‘dyad’ method and Karma Clearing Techniques, this day will give you the opportunity to explore your views, your relationships, and your Truth around these areas and how these show up as issues in your life.


These one day workshops will give you the opportunity to explore YOUR beliefs around these issues and how they affect YOU, your relationships, well- being, and lifestyle.Take charge of your life!

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