LifeWork Sessions

“It is not darkness that we fear, but our light.”  Nelson Mandela

The thoughts you have are invisible but they actually create the world that comes back to you. What type of world are you creating? What is holding you back in life? What are your big questions?

Who am I?

What am I?

Why am I here?

Where am I going?

What are the first steps?

How can I release my doubt or fear?

What limiting beliefs are holding me back?

What can I do to begin to change my life NOW?

Using Lifework Processes I can assist you by:


Expanding your ability to communicate. Learn how to discover your voice at a deeper level.

Clear current problems and stuck life projects. The natural result will be fewer life problems and more energy for creative projects and meaningful relationships.

Authentic and Real Relating.  Discover and clear patterns of isolation and learn how to engage in real communication and contact with others.

Clear guilt and shame. The sense of guilt or shame is a powerful inhibitor of success and enjoyment of success. The release of these areas will awaken to a world in which it is natural for good things to come and to enjoy them.

Clear common problem areas of modern life Clear the common problem areas of life such as money, personal boundaries, business and work, improving family gatherings, finding a new couple partner, depression, and spiritual crisis.

Build stable life points.  Learn to build stable life points such as a steady income, a place to live, or a good relationship.  Learn to develop the ability to create the stable points on which a better life is based.

Clarify deepest life purposes. Getting on track with these purposes opens the door to the greater adventure of life and contribution at a high level. It taps deeper sources of creative energy, power and inspiration.

Clear fixed attitudes. Many people are limited by fixed attitudes such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘No one would love me as I am.’  Clearing has effective processes for clearing these fixed attitudes that limit personal potential.

Build a sense of self-responsibility and power of choice. Learn that you are not a victim in life; that you always have choice and can initiate action. It is the essence of the quality of personal empowerment.

Life should be joyful with a heartfelt sense of connection to a sense of purpose and meaning.  When the keys to instigating change are clearly identified and defined, moving forward with ease and flow becomes a much easier process to initiate and change.

 ‘The state of mind that created the problem cannot solve the problem.’ Albert Einstein

Lifework Sessions are a one-on-one process, between YOU and me.  We work together to complete the unfinished communications in your life, deal with the guilt, and loosen some of those fixed and limiting attitudes and beliefs that hold you up in life.  Together, we focus to resolve aspects of your mind that are presenting problems in your life.

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It is with personal joy and commitment that I wish to assist you on your own unique journey… empowering you to discover new perspectives and to create a more meaningful, authentic life.

With love and gratitude,

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