LifeWork Practitioner Lorraine Kettle is pleased to welcome you to The Infinite You.

I am a masterful teacher and healer, who brings a lifelong dedication to personal growth.  I bring a broad range of experience to my work in many disciplines, the foundation being love, compassion, peace, and humour. The underlying desire of my life has been, to be of service, to others in harmony with an unwavering quest for Truth.  This foundation makes success attainable by empowering others on their journey. Together we identify and release the blocks that limit the discovery of Your Truth.  I provide the guidance and support to propel your life forward with clarity, confidence and ease.

I have 30 plus years of experience in the field of humanities, I started my private practice, The Infinite You in 2003.  I am known for my humanness, presence, compassion, strong intuition, and gift of claritywhich I bring to each of our sessions.  I have an innate ability to perceive the roadblocks and/or challenges that appear along  an individuals’ path.  I do this with grace, love, compassion, and humour. and years of personal study and training.

My life has consisted of years of personal study and training, always questing to understand not only myself but others.  Because of this I have worn many hats throughout my life; that of a friend, lover, career woman, employment and career counselor, teacher, wife, mother, homemaker, parenting class facilitator, fundraiser, Enlightenment Master and Lifework Practitioner.

My depth of desire for knowledge and my need to understand life and the human race as we are, lead me on quite the journey to find my true gift. Because of this I have explored many modalities such as Meditation, Energy, Energy Awareness, Reiki, Qi Gong, Yoga, Health and Wellness, Rebirthing, *Mind Clearing Three Year Certificate Program (2008-2011) and *Enlightenment Masters Training (2006).  Over the last 15 years I have combined these powerful teachings with comprehensive personal growth programs through Peak Potentials Seminars, Warrior Sage Inc., Living from Truth, and *Lawrence Noyes Seminars.

I have facilitated and participated in over 75 Enlightenment Intensive Workshops and completed a 3 year Mind Clearing program through Lawrence Noyes in 2011.  I have worked hand-in-hand for over 6 years supporting Anjali Hill of Anjali Hill Seminars in the Living for Truth program.  These teachings are based on the work of Charles Berner and were developed in the early 1960’s in Southern California.

I have also created and facilitated my own original healing workshops titled: “A Journey with Your Archangels” and “Opening to Your Intuition”.

I believe in life ‘walking one’s talk’ is of the utmost importance. To be who you profess to be. I strive to live and integrate these teachings into my daily life… I know the power of living in ones’ own Truth.

I do not profess that my life is perfect. Life is a process which I understand, accept, and willingly own.  My presence, deep love, and compassion are gifts I share freely allowing others to be just as they are. I love you, and assist you, on your journey into the Truth of yourself.I guide you into knowing who you truly are.

I currently reside in Calgary, Alberta with my husband Rob of over 30 years and have two grown daughters of whom I am immensely proud.

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