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Working through Life Issues you gain clarity about your own personal uniqueness.

Couples Counselling

Everyone who is married experiences difficulties. That is a fact of life.  I can attest to this having been married to my husband for thirty plus years.

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage and almost every couple can benefit from some help at different times during their relationship. You don’t need to be in a distressed marriage to seek help. Many couples with very solid relationships choose couples counseling to enhance their existing relationships.

Enlightenment Intensive

An Enlightenment Intensive

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~  An Invitation to the AUTHENTIC YOU ~


These letters and stories from participants are an integral part of our work at The Infinite You. We hope that you will find inspiration here to join us in our programs and in deepening your own personal growth and understanding.

I highly recommend Lorraine’s services. She works from her intuition, her heart and her invaluable life experiences. I have learned so much about myself through Lorraine and value her wisdom, knowledge and openness. I have moved through some big obstacles in my life thanks to her work! 
Michele Laurent Vancouver, BC

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